PyCon UK

Information for speakers


You should by now have seen the conference schedule. Please ensure you know when and where your talk is!

The schedule won’t change now without a very good reason. If we do have to move your session, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Giving your talk

You'll have a session chair who will introduce you, help you keep to time, and help you with questions (if you choose to take them).

You will have twenty-five minutes for your talk, which may include questions if you would like to take them.  

We will be filming almost all the talks, and will put the videos on YouTube. If you would not like your talk to be filmed, please let us know.

All of the rooms have projectors, which can take HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt or USB C as inputs. Room D and the Ferrier Hall have a 4:3 screen; everywhere else is 16:9.

If you're speaking in the Assembly Room, your talk will be transcribed and displayed on screens around the room.  The stenographers (who are used to local council meetings and company AGMs!) have requested that we tell them in advance about any unusual words that may come up.  If you'll be using any technincal terms, please let us know and we'll pass them on.