PyCon UK

Code dojo

Monday night 19.30-22.30, in the Lower Hall

Performances, demonstrations and talks

We'll be running a Python Code Dojo, based on the long-running London Python Code Dojo series, now approaching its 10th year.

It's a very welcoming format where a coding challenge is set and everyone takes part as one of a team. It's definitely not a competition, and it definitely is a place where beginners or less experienced coders can join in.

The layout of the evening is as follows:

  • We eat, drink and socialise
  • We'll describe the evening's challenge.
  • We break up into teams
  • Each team decides how to approach the challenge, both from a technical and from a team perspective.
  • There's about an hour and a half of coding mayhem
  • Each team shows its code and results in front of everyone else: how far they got, what they tried, what worked, what didn't.
  • We go home happy