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Contact PyCon UK

Email the organising committee

Telephone +44 7400 243 043

Postal address (for correspondence only):

9 Aubrey Avenue
Cardiff CF5 1AQ
United Kingdom

About the organisers

PyCon UK is organised entirely by unpaid volunteer members of the Python community in the UK.

The conference director of PyCon UK is Daniele Procida.

The conference is run by the PyCon UK Society Ltd, a non-profit company limited by guarantee, on behalf of the UK Python Association, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales (No. 1173471)

PyCon UK Society Ltd

Company Number: 10073469.

Registered in England and Wales.

Registered business address:

c/o Acconomy
Arena Business Centre
Holyrood Close
Poole BH17 7FJ
United Kingdom

PyCon UK artwork

PyCon UK is very grateful for the original and characteristic graphic art produced for us - as it has been for several years - by The Developer Society. This includes our website, our logos and designs, and the instantly-recognisable Pythons that grace them.