PyCon UK

Why you should submit a proposal

Everyone has something to share

You might be a world-class expert or you might be a new beginner. Either way, you almost certainly have something worth sharing with other people.

It could be a story, a lesson, an idea, an experience, a protest, a discovery, a failure, a creation, a work in progress, a success, a challenge - anything at all.

The perspectives and experiences of new contributors are just as valuable as (and sometimes more surprising than) those of seasoned contributors.

PyCon UK has a large and enthusiastic audience

Whatever it is you have to share, it's going to strike a chord with at least someone in our audience. Your contribution, however modest or specialised you think it might be, could be exactly what someone else has been waiting for.

A session at PyCon UK is an excellent way to raise interest in a project or find new collaborators, or to draw attention to a problem.

Our audience are supportive, friendly and respectful, and they're there precisely because they want to hear about new things that they can become involved in and make a difference to.

We're committed to making it a positive experience

We know how much effort and time our contributors put into their sessions. For many of them, it's a very big deal to stand up in front of an audience and speak publicly.

We want you to remember the experience as a positive one, and to want to repeat it.

We have a speaker mentor scheme, to help you prepare. We'll have a dedicated speakers' quiet room at the event. If you have any particular needs as a speaker, we'll do our utmost to accommodate them. We'll make every effort to ensure that our speakers feel that they have been an important part of something valuable.

Our speakers keep coming back

People love speaking at PyCon UK, and keep coming back for more (typically, with increasingly ambitious and audacious proposals).

This includes many for whom it was their first speaking experience. There's hardly a better way to build your skills and confidence than by getting started at a PyCon UK.

Our financial assistance programme prioritises speakers

If you need some help to attend, we have a substantial financial assistance programme. It's open to everyone, but prioritises speakers. Tell us what you need to make it possible to attend - it could be anything from a discounted ticket to funds to cover travel, accommodation and daily expenses - and we'll do our best to provide it for you.